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William McK. Jefferies, MD (Video)

Michael E. Doyle, MD

William McK. Jefferies, MD (Video)

William McK. Jefferies, MD (Video)

William McK. Jefferies, MD (Video)

Darien Integrative Medicine
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Receiving his B.S. from Cornell University and his M.D. from Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Michael Doyle is a board-certified family physician with nearly two decades of clinical experience. His background includes extensive experience in both conventional and alternative medicine. Interested in healthcare and alternative medicine since childhood, he decided to pursue a career in medicine as he went off to college. After completing his Family Medicine residency at the University of Rochester, he practiced Emergency Medicine for several years. He later served as Medical Director for a group of outpatient health centers.

During this time, he witnessed the limitations of modern medicine, both personally and professionally. Many of the patients he saw suffered from chronic illnesses and improved little despite “state-of-the art” medical care. At the same time, hours spent reviewing the medical literature left him mystified. He realized that many of the most widely used medical treatments had little meaningful scientific basis. They had never been proven to save lives, and they rarely seemed to make people feel better. In fact, they generally worked by disrupting normal metabolism, rather than improving it.

He felt that he had to find a better way and began to more actively pursue his lifelong interests in nutrition and alternative medicine. He started with additional specialized training in these areas and continued his independent research. One part of this process was studying alternative treatments of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. For the first time, Dr. Doyle recognized the remarkable effectiveness of combined hormonal and nutritional treatments. Finally, Dr. Doyle had discovered the safe and effective approach that he had been looking for. It was at this point that he began to understand that the basic principles of nutritional and hormonal balance are the keys to everyone’s health.

These issues became more personal as Dr. Doyle’s family members suffered with complex medical conditions that did not improve with the standard care. After he began to recommend a variety of natural and alternative treatments, they saw excellent results including two new babies.

This combination of research and specialized training plus experience has enabled Dr. Doyle to effectively combine conventional and alternative medicine to offer his patients uniquely safe and effective medical care.