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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Do you have a few stubborn pounds that just won’t budge? Have you been trying to lose weight your whole life? No matter what your weight loss goals are, the team at Darien Integrative Medicine can help you reach them. Dr. Michael E. Doyle helps patients in Darien, Connecticut, shed unwanted pounds through safe and effective medically supervised weight loss.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is medical weight loss?

If you’ve tried traditional dieting and exercise with poor results, medical weight loss can help you finally reach your goal weight. More importantly, the tools you’ll gain through weight loss supervised by a medical expert ensure you’ll maintain a healthy weight for life.

At Darien Integrative Medicine, Dr. Doyle uses both traditional and alternative methods to address problems that may be compromising your metabolic health. Medically supervised weight loss takes into account your health history, your hormones, genetics, and other factors that can influence your weight.

What’s included in my weight loss plan?

Since weight loss is highly individualized, your treatment plan will be unique as well.

Dr. Doyle may suggest specific tests or lab work to determine your hormone and blood sugar levels, body mass index, or body fat percentage. After discussing your goals with you, he then recommends a course of treatment that may include therapies such as:

  • Dietary changes: Learn what foods can best support your weight loss journey and are therapeutic to your specific needs.
  • Exercise recommendations: Adopt the right exercise routine in terms of frequency and intensity.
  • Hormone therapy: Supplement your diet plan and lifestyle changes with bioidentical hormones.
  • Medication or supplements: These can help support your body’s metabolism or curb your appetite.

As an integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Doyle can help you adopt strategies to achieve more restful sleep and mitigate stress, which is both important for weight loss.

What are the benefits of medical weight loss?

Despite your best efforts to lose weight, there may be an underlying medical condition that’s preventing you from reaching your goal. For many patients, medically supervised weight loss is the only approach that works.

Unlike do-it-yourself weight loss programs that focus on diet and exercise, medical weight loss can address the factors that are unique to your body’s chemistry.

With ongoing support and frequent check-ins, you can be sure you’ll reach your goal weight under the supervision and care of Dr. Doyle. Moreover, you can be confident this process is safe ― and that your results will last.

To get started on your weight loss journey today, book an appointment at Darien Integrative Medicine.

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